28 September 2010

anyone for g&t?

I want. The ice cube set, that is. Bit early in the day for me - I haven't even done the school run yet. From Juno.

27 September 2010


Hooray! Finally have some bits to sell in my brand, spanking NEW Folksy shop - Little Paper Gallery! So what are you waiting for - get yourselves over there.

Those are my sneakers on the 'Find Goods from New Sellers' page.

26 September 2010


How cool is this? Such fun to do - created via wordle.

23 September 2010

storage solutions

Still thinking about my new work space. Nifty storage solutions are a must.
From top to bottom: Baileys, Laurie's studio, Office Hub and Minor Details.

21 September 2010

lovely work spaces

Home office inspiration contemporary home office

Been looking around for some ideas to create a work space in one of our downstairs rooms as sharing with my husband isn't exactly ideal. Picture the scene - wires, paperwork, spare computers, boxes, speakers etc. General man stuff.

This space from houzz is rather lovely but perhaps not very practical.

These two below from homey designing offer a bit more storage. A girl can dream anyway.

coming soon

I am still here but have been busy with designing a new web site and photographing my cards in preparation for my folksy shop.
Have had absolutely no time for anything creative lately which is the down side of getting a creative business up and running I guess.

10 September 2010

tigerprint interview

Tigerprint have very kindly added me to their winner's profiles page which includes a mini interview. Being a bit bashful, I used an illustration of myself rather than a photo which has the added benefit of making me look 10yrs younger. Check it out here along with the other designers and illustrators.
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