19 August 2010

yummy, yuck

Well, this is not strictly a yummy, yuck post (see earlier yummy, yuck here). Not only were clogs available for Spring/Summer 2010, you can now wear them all year round with this fur trim version for Autumn/Winter 2010.

How delightful.

Still haven't seen anyone wearing them, but then I do live in Guernsey.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. It appears that you don't like clogs. And here I am, the author of a blog about nothing but clogs, dropping by to see if I might work out some arrangement or compensation to use one of your clog illustrations in the title graphic at the top of my blog. Please take a look at www.everycloghasitsday.typepad.com, and if you're not driven screaming into the street, contact me. I do believe I'd love to showcase your work on daily basis.

Lindsey Cochran
yin7yang64 dot comcast dot net

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