27 June 2011

the frame tutorial

I have been trying to pin down my friend Lenny for ages to give me a tutorial on making picture frames and finally managed to on Saturday. Lenny is one the most creative and enthusiastic people I know so you should really pop over to his blog and check out his prolific making of 'things'. They are too diverse to mention here but here's a sneak peek...

But onto frames..

I have wanted to make my own frames for a long time and especially since Lenny made me some last year for my birthday out of reclaimed wood and greenhouse glass.

And so, on Saturday we both had a window of time, he cut and fiddled about while and I watched and learnt. First we chose a straight piece of wood...

Measure twice and cut once. And then a few more times.

Put in a 'thingy' to hold it together while the glue dries. Cut some glass to fit, add some contrasting beading, et voila!

Some refreshments from the children. Very nicely presented I thought - Lenny has a girl.

We loved this bit - a keyhole to hang it up by. Awesome!

Many thanks Lenny, much obliged. Now, can I come round and borrow your shed? (And I'm secretly hoping I can have that frame too : ))

1 comment:

Sheridan Art said...

Wow lovely frames they really make a huge dfference to art work, just move next door so you can rent his shed off him! ;)

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