13 December 2011

su blackwell

In a word. Wow.

Just wanted to share these exquisite paper sculptures by Su Blackwell. Beautifully delicate and perfect for this time of year, they depict scenes mostly from fairy tales and folklore. The two images below are entitled Out of Narnia and The Wild Swans.


inspiral said...

amazing! such an original idea, and so beautifully executed. totally in awe :-)

liz said...

Hi they are beautiful.
By coincidence I made a post yesterday which included some paper sculptures as well. Have you heard of Beatrice Coron? (I hadn't until yesterday). Just off to look at your Su Balackwell link.

Picto said...

They are fantastic, such delicate work, I too am off to check out the link ( and Beatrice Coron )
I love that there are a multitude of loveliness in these blogs.

Jan x

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