15 April 2012

more origami

Well the Easter hols are nearly over and much time has been spent folding paper - by the biggest boy of the household, not me. I have spent much time picking up paper snails, grasshoppers, bowls, baskets, chickens, you name it really! This morning I asked if he could make me some little birds to sit on a a twig of blackthorn(?) - not sure what it is really. No sooner said than done, I was still having my mug of tea in bed when this little lot appeared... gorgeous!

Here's another of his creations - an eagle.


Mrs Jones said...

I love those birds - could he post a tutorial?

say it says said...

These are amazing, he's very clever :-) I always used to try really hard to follow origami instructions when I was a kid but they never turned out looking like the picture in the book! I'm impressed that these birds actually look like birds!

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