20 April 2014

collage papers 2

Have been creating some more collage papers today.

The way I do it is to paint onto a styro-foam sheet with a mixture of watercolor and acrylic paint, then press the paper on top and rub gently all over the paper to transfer the paint. This is done several times to build up layers of texture. This stuff is really addictive!

For the print below, I built up several layers of paint first, then on the last print I drew into the paint with a cotton bud before transferring the image to my paper. It reminds me of fossils.


Tracey said...

Can't wait for my son's to go back to school now so that I can get started again, haven't tried painting on styro foam before, only painted directly onto the paper, which tends to start breaking up if it gets to wet! Also used a mixture of paints, coloured inks are particularly good. Love your textures.

caroline • little paper gallery said...

Thanks Tracey. I know what you mean about the fragile paper if too wet! I find that the paper needs a base coat of paint to give it depth but the paint for the mono printing can be a lot thicker. I was really impatient today and got the hairdryer out to speed the drying up!
I will try inks, I bet they produce really rich colours.

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