26 April 2010

yummy, yuck

Here's another yummy, yuck. I think this speaks for itself but would like to point out that we're not talking comfort here.

Just pure yummy.

And pure yuck.

22 April 2010

mostly wearing

Feeling a little nautical. Spring must be in the air.

21 April 2010

new card design

Created two new card designs for baby girl and baby boy. Wanted to give them a slightly retro feel and not make them too traditionally pastel.

20 April 2010

yummy, yuck

This is my yummy, yuck post where I show something that I love and something that, well quite frankly, no thanks. I don't care if it's the summer's must have, I won't be wearing clogs on MY feet.

19 April 2010


Created this new design today as I need a few cards aimed at the boys. Smelly trainers, perfect.

16 April 2010


I've been out in the garden a lot more recently and have started to plant one or two bits. Quite excited at choosing what to put in as I'm re-doing a whole bed just outside the french doors. On top of that, helped out at the school yesterday planting a woodland area with over 80 trees. I helped my son plant an oak tree which will hopefully still be there in 100 years time.

So all this planting and warmer weather has inspired me to design some floral cards, the first of which is here.

13 April 2010

mostly wearing

I started drawing these "today I am mostly wearing" illustrations towards the end of last year. I don't do them nearly often enough but then that probably has something to do with wearing the same clothes all the time. Perhaps it's time for a bit of springtime shopping...

Here's a few more.

09 April 2010

freaky faces

This is the boys idea - making faces on our sandwiches. Which is great because it means they help out with making the lunch which is always encouraged in our household.

03 April 2010


Sketch of an idea for the latest Tigerprint competition, Mother's Day type.
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