27 January 2013


I was looking about recently for a sideboard or chest of drawers to stand the TV on and store away all the 100s of DVDs that we (when I say we, they are mostly children's movies) have accumulated. I looked at a new pine, flat-packed piece which had a price tag of about £200 and thought "hmm, I'm sure I could do better than that". I always resent buying new stuff as the quality is so rubbish unless you have £1000s to spend.

So I mosied (not sure if that's the corret spelling but such a great word!) round to a second hand furniture shop not feeling very hopeful when I spotted this little beauty for £40! She's solid as a rock but is suffering a little from orange varnish disease with a small case of cheap brass handle-itis. Nothing that can't be fixed up with a little elbow grease. Enter the husband with power tool. He's done a great job sanding the top which is a great colour. I can't be so cruel as to suggest removing the varnish off the whole thing as it's such a job, so a couple of coats of off-white paint along with new handles and she's going to be a beauty!

Will post pics of the finished article at a later date...

21 January 2013


The picture in the magazine looked like this...

... and the finished product looked like this!

But they tasted good.

finished sunshine lettering

Here's the finished piece...

Rough idea process below as I try to work out the layout.

18 January 2013

First snow & hand lettering

It seems that Jack Frost visited my little corner of the world last night!

After trudging through the slush to walk the children to school and back, I managed to find a bit of time to work on some hand lettering for a new design.

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