20 April 2014

collage papers 2

Have been creating some more collage papers today.

The way I do it is to paint onto a styro-foam sheet with a mixture of watercolor and acrylic paint, then press the paper on top and rub gently all over the paper to transfer the paint. This is done several times to build up layers of texture. This stuff is really addictive!

For the print below, I built up several layers of paint first, then on the last print I drew into the paint with a cotton bud before transferring the image to my paper. It reminds me of fossils.

18 April 2014

collage papers

I have gone collage paper mad whilst preparing for a workshop inspired by Eric Carle's technique of illustrations made from painted tissue paper.

It's really addictive - try it! This green one is my favourite.

13 April 2014

cliff walk

Glorious walk along the cliff path around Saint's Bay this morning. The blackthorn was out in full bloom and in places it formed a canopy over the path. The scent of the gorse was divine, like coconut. I never paint landscapes but these views have truly inspired me today, might have to get the brushes out. Long may the sun shine!

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