29 June 2010

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to my friend Kate. Sent her one of my little Carousel horses on a pale pink background which hasn't shown up very well on the photo.

21 June 2010

happy fathers day

A little goldfish created for my Dad for father's day. He didn't get it on time, it's still swimming it's way through the Royal Mail postal system.

16 June 2010

from the garden

My thoughts have turned to the garden lately as all the blossoms have been out so here's a couple of illustrations inspired by my garden. The agapanthus buds are forming which reminded me of an illustration I did last summer so I dug that out too.
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11 June 2010

typographic candle holders

How cool are these candle holders? Came across these little lovelies whilst noodling around, link to link. They are from Studio Yra. I w a n t them.

09 June 2010

mostly wearing

For a night out in Jersey.
I don't always look so sad.
Or sit on invisible stools.

This guy is also sad..

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