27 May 2010

yummy spaces

From top to bottom - picture 1 and pictures 3-4

As we are in the process of doing up our lounge and dining rooms ( a very long and slow process I might add) , I have been searching around for some inspiration.

I'm in the middle of collating lots of frames for a photo wall including these rather lovely reclaimed wooden ones made by my good friend Lenny.


A gorgeous merry-go-round at the Liberation Day celebrations was the inspiration for this illustration of a carousel horse.

17 May 2010

make mine a cider barrel

There's nothing quite like the sound of the ice cream van coming down the road during the school summer holidays. I always went for a Cider Barrel as it felt a little bit naughty and grown up. Failing that, the lemonade one (can't remember the name), or sometimes a Fab, perhaps even a Zoom or a Cherry Brandy. 99 Cornet anyone?.... ahhh happy days. The summer holidays that went on forever.

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