21 March 2012


My son loves origami and is forever trying out various creations from insects to birds. We have a long overdue book from the library that just never seems to get taken back!

Here's a picture of his parrot, it's the one that sits on my desk making sure I get my work done!

Then today I just came across this origami master, Dinh Truong Giang whilst perusing the interweb. Check out his awesomeness! Something for every little boy (or girl) to work towards... Absolutely adorable.

11 March 2012

chair project

I've had this old chair for some time now. It's been living in the garage over the winter and it's just been too cold to even think about giving it a new lease of life. But now that Spring has (almost) sprung I feel inspired to breath new life in to it. I've already chosen the paint, a kind of turquoise colour and now my thoughts have turned to fabric. I'm thinking something graphic and really like this fabric by Skinny Laminx.

new look website

Although I haven't blogged for a while, rest assured things are happening. One of said things is re-vamping my website. As I usually ask my nerdy OH to make any changes for me, sometimes I have to wait until he has a bit of time on his hands (which isn't often). So here it is, my revamped website. Hopefully a bit clearer generally and with images of my currently available prints.

I also quickly put together a card for my Mum as I have a busy week ahead so I know I'll get no time next week.

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