30 March 2011

they're just like you and me

I've been doodling a few more seagulls lately (my seagull cards are proving quite popular) as there seem to be a lot more around on my walk to school in the mornings. Perhaps it's just the good weather that means we walk rather than take the car and in turn we (or that could just be I) get to see a lot more of the world around us. Whatever the reason, I love those pesky seagulls and try to imagine what they're thinking...

Yellow & Grey

Thought I'd share a colour combination that I keep getting drawn to – Yellow & Grey. Keep seeing lots of lovely things, this is just a small selection. I have no doubt that yellow and grey will be popping up in my work before too long, I feel so inspired by it!

1. Oh So Beautiful Paper  2. Julia Davey mug  3. via Made by Girl  4. Oh Happy Day  5. MacBook sleeve by TillyMoss on folksy.

24 March 2011

folksy friday

I just love typography and hand lettering so this week's folksy friday picks all feature typography. I found some great prints and cards as I'm sure you'll all agree.

So, Top L_R we have letterpress print aardvark on sea, 'sea' print Bear Graphics, card Lou Peajeaux
Bottom L_R framed papercut Paper Panda, giclee art print Nicola Slater, mini cards Katie Lou illustrates

23 March 2011

lamp project

This was meant to be a before and after post but the before shot was as above but in...well, brown wood. Now as you can see, it has had the full 'slap a bit of white paint on, sand it down a bit and finish off with wax' treatment. Saved from a skip and destined for our rapidly filling land fill site, it is now giving much joy in my living room. You can see my other 'Save our Landfill' projects in an earlier post here.

win this little house

Go on over to the very talented 'illustrator and maker of things',  Elli Moody's blog and you could be in with a chance of winning this cute painted wooden house.

It's a perfect little photo holder!

15 March 2011

paper folding for beginners

So, it all started with a pack of paper purchased at the local Red Cross Shop and two boys with time on their hands...

Water Bomb seemed like a good place to start.

A bit of tricky folding...

Hey! Thats not bad.

Whooah there! Where did all that lot come from?

Ah, well. It kept them amused.

14 March 2011

easter poster. part2.

OK, ok I know I blogged this a couple of weeks ago but just so you can all see which poster got the majority vote. Cute tickets to go with it too. So, if you happen to be passing Guernsey that weekend and are stuck for something to do...

And talking of Easter...

Right, back to work. Been busy, busy with a couple of new projects but more of that later.

04 March 2011


What a totally awesome font! I love it. You can find out more about this font family here.

03 March 2011

folksy friday

Following on from the previous entry, my theme for this week's Folksy Friday is the 1970s. I thought it was going to be quite difficult to find anything but it seems the seventies are inspiring quite a few other people too.

So, from the top L–R Mis-shapen Owl made from a 70s shirt by The Grumpy Monkey Card Company, Big Love necklace by Stripey Monkey, 70s Cushion by Hey Pico
Bottom L–R Vintage 70s Fabric Bag by Sewgirl, Margo Apron by Audrey's Cat, Jackie Magazine Pocket Mirror by Violet Iris.

Very groovy.
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