27 June 2011

the frame tutorial

I have been trying to pin down my friend Lenny for ages to give me a tutorial on making picture frames and finally managed to on Saturday. Lenny is one the most creative and enthusiastic people I know so you should really pop over to his blog and check out his prolific making of 'things'. They are too diverse to mention here but here's a sneak peek...

But onto frames..

I have wanted to make my own frames for a long time and especially since Lenny made me some last year for my birthday out of reclaimed wood and greenhouse glass.

And so, on Saturday we both had a window of time, he cut and fiddled about while and I watched and learnt. First we chose a straight piece of wood...

Measure twice and cut once. And then a few more times.

Put in a 'thingy' to hold it together while the glue dries. Cut some glass to fit, add some contrasting beading, et voila!

Some refreshments from the children. Very nicely presented I thought - Lenny has a girl.

We loved this bit - a keyhole to hang it up by. Awesome!

Many thanks Lenny, much obliged. Now, can I come round and borrow your shed? (And I'm secretly hoping I can have that frame too : ))

16 June 2011


Look out! Especially if you want to use this telescope..

14 June 2011

I've been FOFFED!

Well hey diddly do, I've been Found on Folksy!

09 June 2011

return of the seagulls

This little chap was inspired by a trip to a secret location on the Essex coast during last week's holiday. The location has to remain secret as it's my brother's favourite unspoilt spot and he would be none too pleased if I blabbed the name!

07 June 2011

hedgerow 2

Finished the second of my hedgerow illustrations after a week's break in London. We had much fun but it's nice to be back. This illustration works with the other one so they can hang side by side.

Like this...

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