30 June 2013

school mosaic

Back in October, I helped out with a project at our children's school to create a mosaic depicting everyone's favourite patchwork elephant, Elmer. Lots of parents and children had great fun sticking the tiles and getting covered in glue. Although it has been up on the school wall for a couple of months, a few of us spent yesterday afternoon doing some finishing touches and completing the dreaded grouting. If you haven't tried mosaic-ing (think I just made that verb up), then give it a go - it's very relaxing!

19 June 2013

new prints

I had a lovely day last week at the Arts Sunday event organised by the Guernsey Arts Commission. I met lots of lovely people who were all really enthusiastic about my work and I was able to show off some new print designs. The 'Ormer' design below was really popular.

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