04 December 2014

Visit Guernsey

Phew! last post May? How did that happen, I guess it's been a busy year...

A quick post showing some of the illustrations I did for the Visit Guernsey brochure earlier this year, which is out now for 2015. Tote bags to follow...

02 May 2014

Collage Seagull

I created this seagull illustration yesterday using the collage papers from a couple of weeks ago. It was actually great to get away from the computer for a change with pleasing results too. I may explore this method further in the future...

I really like Mark Hearld's illustrations below. He creates layers on acetate then lays them on top of each other to get the finished piece. A bit like real-life Photoshop, which I can see would give you greater flexibility to make changes and try different things out.

May Day

What a lovely idea that I got from Little Green Shed. Create a simple jar of flowers picked from the hedgerow or your garden and hang anonymously on a friends door as a sign of Summer on its way. A pagan tradition apparently - I like it! Let's do this all the time as the seasons change.

20 April 2014

collage papers 2

Have been creating some more collage papers today.

The way I do it is to paint onto a styro-foam sheet with a mixture of watercolor and acrylic paint, then press the paper on top and rub gently all over the paper to transfer the paint. This is done several times to build up layers of texture. This stuff is really addictive!

For the print below, I built up several layers of paint first, then on the last print I drew into the paint with a cotton bud before transferring the image to my paper. It reminds me of fossils.

18 April 2014

collage papers

I have gone collage paper mad whilst preparing for a workshop inspired by Eric Carle's technique of illustrations made from painted tissue paper.

It's really addictive - try it! This green one is my favourite.

13 April 2014

cliff walk

Glorious walk along the cliff path around Saint's Bay this morning. The blackthorn was out in full bloom and in places it formed a canopy over the path. The scent of the gorse was divine, like coconut. I never paint landscapes but these views have truly inspired me today, might have to get the brushes out. Long may the sun shine!

12 March 2014


Sketching up some different seabirds at the moment and trying out some ideas for new card designs. I love drawing birds and am particularly drawn to seabirds what with living by the sea so was very sad to hear recently about all the seabirds that have suffered during our recent terrible weather. No doubt puffins will be making an appearance in this new set of illustrations.

lantern parade

The Lantern Parade a couple of weeks ago was so awesome. Hundreds of people turned out to watch the drumming group SPARK! who whipped us all into mass hysteria with their fantastic show. We're all hoping they come back next year. My snap shots hardly do them any justice but here they are anyway!

17 February 2014

lantern workshop

Helped out with making lanterns at St Martins' school last week in preparation for the Lantern Parade organised by Guernsey Arts Commission that's taking place on 1st March. Can't wait, it's going to be beautiful.

06 February 2014

st peter port

Finally finished my illustrated map of St Peter Port. Just don't use it to try and find your way around!

12 January 2014


Went for a very breezy walk along the headland this morning. While the boys explored the German bunkers, I found these rather lovely lichens growing on the rocks. Love the vivid yellow - amazing!

07 January 2014

hand drawn typography

Managed to pull myself together after the Christmas break to enter the Tigerprint 'Hand drawn typography' competition.

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