15 November 2012

Liqueur Label

A recent project was to illustrate this label for a local producer for their Raspberry Liqueur. It's absolutely yum and there are more flavours in the pipeline - can't wait to sample! All the fruits are grown on their own land and other products include chutneys, jams and biscuits.

runner up!

Well wadda you know! I was a runner up. Shame the runners up don't win anything!!

09 November 2012

watercolour lettering

Working on some ideas for the latest Tigerprint competition I've been having much fun with my watercolours trying out some lettering styles. It's really addictive and quite different to my recent work.

Here's a couple of finished designs

01 October 2012

go Parsley!

Parsley has moooved to pastures new after her auction last Sunday. She raised £1500 for G.A.L.P (Guernsey Adult Literacy Project). I was thrilled!! Would love to see her in her new home.

13 September 2012

personalised cards

OK, nothing new about personalised 'wordy' cards but I've been doing some of my own for friends and family which have gone down rather well (and they're lots of fun!)

09 September 2012

church square

New illustration of St Peter Port church square.

08 August 2012

down at the harbour

We've been spending a fair bit of time down at the harbour in St Peter Port recently. It's a great place to clear your mind and get lost in thought as the brightly coloured fishing boats go about their business.

Last week the younger boy child went on a sailing course which allowed me and the older boy child to mooch around the harbour with our sketch books and a flask of tea for a few days.

We also ventured down to the Harbour Carnival to watch the various wacky races including the plastic duck race - not something you see everyday!

The finish line!!

16 July 2012

folksy front page

Two of my designs have made it to the Folksy front page in the last couple of weeks. It might be raining but we can't help loving the British seaside!

25 June 2012

Cow on the mooove

Well she was getting in the way a bit, but not all that much really and now that she's gone I kind of miss her and feel a teensy bit sad. Yep, Parsley the cow has left the building (mine at least). We'll be briefly reunited on Sunday when all 52 of the painted cows will be on display to the public before being whisked off to their temporary homes where they will spend the summer being photographed and sat on. After that they'll be auctioned off and moove to their final homes.

I least now I can get on with some illustration ideas I have for new prints. Watch this space...

22 June 2012

blog features

At a time when we should be basking in all that is Summer and when sales of my Seagulls and Beach Huts designs are popular, my Wellies card has been featured on 2 different blog posts today! Summers just aren't the same any more not like the good ole days...

See the blog posts here http://www.wearebreadandjam.co.uk/blog.html and here http://lovefromflorence.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/folksy-friday-rain.html

21 June 2012

Tracey English Giveaway

If you pop on over to Tracey English's blog you could be in with a chance of winning one of her prints or a selection of cards. Don't mind if I do - love the London prints, they remind me of home.

20 June 2012

Ready for her top coat...

A few snippets of the cow. Only one or two more flowers here and there to do and then she's ready for varnishing. Had some interesting looks from passers by when we took her out for a graze (and a few photos) in the field! Although I had one conversation with a lady who didn't even bat an eyelid or ask why we were carrying an enormous blue cow! She is inspired by all the beautiful hedgerows in the lanes where I live (which have sadly just been cut back for Summer). Will post a full pic later in the week when she has had her final top coat and finishing touches....

08 June 2012

Belated Jubilee

I'm a little behind with my Jubilee post of the delicious cake we enjoyed whilst watching the celebrations. Very proud to say that the strawberries were from the garden and that I managed to pick them this year before the birds got stuck in!

I was a little disappointed to see people taking down their bunting yesterday, mine will be up all summer. Hip, hip, hooray!

01 June 2012

Lovely stockist - Evie & Me

I took a selection of prints down to a lovely stockist in St Peter Port, Guernsey. It's the most amazing shop called Evie & Me. Every time I go in I just about want to buy every last thing in there! It sells everything from furniture to mugs and of course cards and prints by Little Paper Gallery. The lovely ladies at Evie & Me have the prints framed in simple white frames which look great. So if you are a Guernsey visitor or local, get yourself down there and have look-see!

Badly want that sofa...

Spotted these lovely lavender bags by Heart Zeena and tea towels by Charlotte Macey Textiles...

17 May 2012


Finally the sun shone at the weekend and I took the cow out for a spot of sunbathing in the garden. Then before she knew what was happening she had a roller around her sensitive parts and the painting (and fun) began. Can't give too much away but obviously she has areas of blue!

26 April 2012

new member of family

Something rather larger has arrived chez moi. It was all very exciting and after a rather frenzied unwrapping ceremony she was revealed in all her glory. Ain't she a beaut?!

I've volunteered to decorate her as part of this summer's Guernsey Cow Parade which involves 52 decorated cows being displayed around the island. There's going to be a map of where they all are so you can follow the trail and at the end of the summer they will be auctioned off to raise money for The Guernsey Adult Literacy Project.
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