27 January 2011

folksy friday – year of the rabbit

My very first go at a Folksy Friday. I'm always browsing beautiful things from the many talented Folksy folk and 'favouriting' items as I go so thought it was about time I posted my very own Folksy Friday.

As I noted recently that it is the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit I thought I'd type in 'rabbit' to see what came up - and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I was a bit spoilt for choice but above are some of my favourite picks.

And when I googled Year of the Rabbit I found out that "people born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious", "they have excellent taste and are clever at business" and "they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing". Well, I wasn't born in the Year of the Rabbit but I think I have excellent taste and have definitely chosen the right things - these bunnies are gorgeous!

25 January 2011

website finally up!

Well, my website is finally up so all cards and prints can be seen in one place. Having a bit of trouble with the font in different browsers at the moment which hopefully will get sorted in the not too distant future. But hey, it's there so onwards and upwards. You can see it here. Let me know if the text (other than the links) is displaying in a serif font or in a typewriter style font like the logo - it should be like the logo...

20 January 2011

gorgeous packaging

Who said beautiful packaging doesn't sell a product?

Oh, and a custard cream?

Don't mind if I do.
Couldn't resist any of these. And tins are very useful.

But does anyone really like custard creams? Nice ploy.

13 January 2011

blog change of name

You may or may not notice (depending on how regularly you look at my ramblings!) that there have been a few changes both to the banner and name of my blog. The reason being that I sell my cards under the name of Little Paper Gallery so thought I'd tie it all in together.

Being a fickle creative type, the banner may change frequently or not at all. Keep 'em peeled.

I'm also making last minute tweaks to my website which should be up and running soon (about time).

12 January 2011

love is in the air

I think this pair are whispering 'tweet' nothings to each other.

candy love

A 'sweet' little card to send to your valentine - available in my Folksy shop.

07 January 2011

happy anniversary

There have been lots of blackbirds in my garden recently so I've been drawing a few lately.

This illustration is for my husband – Happy Anniversary!

And here it is as a card.. At first he didn't understand the wording 'no birdie else'. As in 'no body'. Get it? I thought it was quite clever.

Just me then!

06 January 2011

woo hoo

I feel like me again!

The Christmas holidays were great. We had much fun and relaxation but this last week was just a week too far. Despite going ice skating this week (thumbs up all round) my gorgeous boys and I have seen a little too much of each other recently. They were glad to go back to school today and I was glad to reclaim the house and get down to some blog catchin' up and drawing.

Made this card for my sis-in-law..

05 January 2011

happy new year

Brisk cliff walk + cosy stove = Happy New Year

The colours on the cliffs are absolutely breathtaking at this time of year which will inspire me to get out there regularly and walk off some of those mince pies.
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