26 April 2012

new member of family

Something rather larger has arrived chez moi. It was all very exciting and after a rather frenzied unwrapping ceremony she was revealed in all her glory. Ain't she a beaut?!

I've volunteered to decorate her as part of this summer's Guernsey Cow Parade which involves 52 decorated cows being displayed around the island. There's going to be a map of where they all are so you can follow the trail and at the end of the summer they will be auctioned off to raise money for The Guernsey Adult Literacy Project.

15 April 2012

more origami

Well the Easter hols are nearly over and much time has been spent folding paper - by the biggest boy of the household, not me. I have spent much time picking up paper snails, grasshoppers, bowls, baskets, chickens, you name it really! This morning I asked if he could make me some little birds to sit on a a twig of blackthorn(?) - not sure what it is really. No sooner said than done, I was still having my mug of tea in bed when this little lot appeared... gorgeous!

Here's another of his creations - an eagle.

06 April 2012

good friday walk

Went for the most breathtaking walk today after eating  far too many hot cross buns. The tide was so low we could walk across two bays with only a small amount of rock climbing. We then ascended the cliff by a so called 'fisherman's path' which was practically vertical in places. Rewarded by this stunning view, then home for just one more slither of hot cross bun!

Happy Easter!

04 April 2012

guernsey hedgerows

The hedgerows are coming alive here in Guernsey so I've been out and about walking the lanes and cliffs paths gathering some inspiration and new reference for an up and coming project. Spent a lovely sunny afternoon yesterday with the watercolours out sketching up campion and cow parsley - lovely!

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