25 May 2011

hedgerow 1

First of the hedgerow illustrations to be reproduced as prints.

23 May 2011

little bits of lovliness

I happened to come across these rubber stamps by Jolyon Yates on the stylistic gallery website. Apart from the beautiful stamps you can create with them, what makes them so gorgeous is the way the wooden handle has been cut from 'repurposed beech'.

Check out more of Jolyon's work here.


I feel as though I've been absent from my little blog for a while so thought I'd update with a couple of recent photos. The hedgerows are at their best at this time of year, full of honeysuckle and wonderful grasses. They get cut right back in June otherwise you wouldn't be able to drive down the tiny lanes (yes they are that narrow in Guernsey in places) so now is the time to enjoy them and gather material for my illustrations.

11 May 2011

from the wilde

"An eclectic collection of some of the most exciting and contemporary designer makers, artists and illustrators from the UK and carefully chosen international artists. These collections are for people with a love of the city, country and the coast, for all of us who aren’t lucky enough to live there but are lucky enough to own a piece "From the Wilde"..."

And you can now get Little Paper Gallery cards from there too! 

10 May 2011

blog interview

Pop on over to Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics where you can see not only Charlotte's lovely work but also a little interview with me!

coveting covers

I saw this series of Penguin books recently in the local bookshop and was instantly drawn to the fantastic cover designs. Who cares what they're about, they'd just look great on the bookshelf. (Incase your're wondering they're actually a collection of food writing, from poems to recipes.) Packaging really does sell a product, I did it this morning when I opted for the more expensive Clipper Green tea because the packet is so pretty! See here in my earlier post.

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