28 February 2011

killer wedges!

Roll on Summer so we can all wear a crazy pair of wedges! My current fave is the red snakeskin pair although I already kinda know that I'll spend most of the summer in Birkenstocks - not quite so snazzy but oh so much more comfy!

22 February 2011

gorgeous packaging

Beautiful packaging always catches my eye – check out these fantastic watercolour illustrations by Stina Persson on packaging for Face Boutique and the best seed packaging I've ever seen from The Balcony Gardener.

18 February 2011

paint names

After many patch samples painted on the walls, I've finally decided on Chalky Downs No.4 rather than Labrador Sands No.4. It must be a great job to come up with paint names!

16 February 2011

work space envy

Got a little bit of love going on for these work spaces as I dream of my finished office which is still looking a little like a building site....boo. The top pic is from the lovely Fryd + Design but I can't remember where the bottom one is from. If it's yours, could you please let me know so I can put a link.

15 February 2011

easter posters

I've finished not one but two posters for the school's Easter Egg Hunt as I can't decide and we have a split decision in the household too. So I'm going to show both and let the great powers of the PTA decide instead. Although I do have a fave so will be a bit disapointed if they don't choose the one I like best! Hmm, perhaps I won't show both after all. What do you think?

14 February 2011

more country garden range

Two more designs from the English Country Garden range.

09 February 2011

in an english country garden...

Sneak peek of some designs from my new range called 'English Country Garden'.

08 February 2011


I just couldn't resist posting this pic of the cake I made for the smallest member of the family's birthday as I felt rather proud of myself! I can't do Mario so he got chocolate with frosted physalis.

Always feel a bit strange whenever I say physalis. Phew, thank goodness it doesn't crop in everyday conversation too much...


Come on spring! You know you want to. My jumpers can't take much more of this and both pairs of boots have broken zips.

04 February 2011

mostly wearing

I haven't done one of these for months and I thought they would be a fairly regular thing! There are various others in older posts if you fancy a rummage.

03 February 2011

On Yer Bike!

Well, another Folksy Friday - that's two in a row! This week I am championing two wheels. It's good for you, good for your pocket and good for the planet. What's not to like?

I'm looking forward to some better weather so we can start riding to school again. Not that the weather has put my husband off cycling - he even rode to work in the snow! (Although some might say that was a little mad).

My Folksy picks have been brought to you by these clever people:

02 February 2011

valentine idea

OK, so it may not be your typical valentine card but I think it's great for a boy - not too slushy. (Hope my valentine isn't looking at my blog!) In any case I had a lot of magpie illustrations to do something with!
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