26 August 2010

printing proofs

How exciting! Just got my proofs back from the printer which are all looking good. Keep checking for details where to buy soon...

west show

Having recently visited the West Show, I thought I would share some exhibits that made me smile. Large vegetables (bit obvious), vegetables fashioned to look like animals but the best category for me: 15 blackberries on a plate. You can see from the picture above though that it's tough judging. What a shame.

(Incase you can't read the note at the bottom of the plate, it says " What a shame you have 16 blackberries. The schedule asks for 15").

20 August 2010

puffin take two

Here's a second version of the puffin I did a couple of days ago. Somehow, he felt a bit shouty with his green background. Anyone care to comment on a preference?

19 August 2010

yummy, yuck

Well, this is not strictly a yummy, yuck post (see earlier yummy, yuck here). Not only were clogs available for Spring/Summer 2010, you can now wear them all year round with this fur trim version for Autumn/Winter 2010.

How delightful.

Still haven't seen anyone wearing them, but then I do live in Guernsey.

17 August 2010


New illustration in honour of my youngest son's favourite bird - the Puffin. Can be spotted off the coast of Guernsey on neighbouring islands if you're lucky.

happy birthday

A cheeky little card to my brother who is mad about cameras. I'm sure that camera is smiling.

15 August 2010

let sleeping cats lie

Well it's all very well, but how's a girl supposed to do any work around here?

Yes, that's my sketchbook.

Oh go on then, you look so comfortable.

14 August 2010


Have been a little quiet lately what with it being the summer holidays and having children to amuse. Can always squeeze in a quick sketch though and during one trip to the beach these limpets caught my eye. Perhaps for a pattern at a later date.

04 August 2010

party invitation

Yes, I'm available for personalised invitations too!

phone envy

I want a phone like this as I'm fed up with the batteries going on my digital phone and my voice cutting out if I wander too far away from the base unit. Much cuter but no caller ID. Hmm.
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