11 December 2013

new prints

Two new illustrations added to my art print collection.

02 December 2013

Christmas cards

This year, I designed a new set of cards with a little nod to Guernsey. They include landmarks such as the Town Church and St Peter Port Lighthouse and also the unofficial island mascot, the donkey. My favourites are the snow globe designs - nostalgic but currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

16 October 2013

art workshop - finished pieces

The last of my Art Workshops at Elizabeth College with children from Years 4 & 5 was last week and they produced some fantastic results - all very different interpretations of St Peter Port town - one of my favourite subjects!

We had lots of fun along the way with different paint techniques including sprinkling salt and laying clingfilm on wet paint to get some really interesting textures which the children used to collage their pictures.

I really enjoyed my workshop experience, hope to do more in the future...

05 October 2013

art workshops

I'm currently involved with an art workshop at a local school which is taking place over a 3 week period. We are focusing on creating a night-time scene of St Peter Port with some of the artists pieces being selected to form part of an exhibition at the school's new 'Gatehouse Gallery'.

So far all is going well, here are some pics from the last couple of weeks...

21 September 2013

acorn antics

During a recent school trip with the smallest boy's class I gathered up some acorns with the idea in mind that I would paint faces on them when I got home. When I found this little one sporting the latest autumn/winter 2013 headgear, I could hardly resist...

Daarrling you look absolutely faaabulous!

Guernsey's reservoir

02 September 2013

Summer 2013

Phew, what a great Summer it's been. Some of the things I've been up to include...

A great family holiday off the rock, because sometimes you just need a change of scenery

Cliff walks with stop-offs for tea and ice cream at Moulin Huet

The view from the tearooms

Jumping off the pier at Portelet beach

Dip n' Dine - for those who don't know, this is dinner followed by a dip in the pool, of course! At Les Douvres Hotel

A weekend stay on our VERY OWN island (Lihou)! This was a bit of a highlight. Much fun had by all - all 20 of us! Pics courtesy of Lenny and Dan.

The Venus Pool on Lihou Island

And last but not least, meeting new people and spreading the joy at the Seafront Sundays in St Peter Port

Summer of 2013 - you've excelled yourself!

11 July 2013

fabulous flats

Lovely summer shoes.

Flats are my fave but I'll make allowances for the the tiny heel in the middle pair but only because they have studs!

30 June 2013

school mosaic

Back in October, I helped out with a project at our children's school to create a mosaic depicting everyone's favourite patchwork elephant, Elmer. Lots of parents and children had great fun sticking the tiles and getting covered in glue. Although it has been up on the school wall for a couple of months, a few of us spent yesterday afternoon doing some finishing touches and completing the dreaded grouting. If you haven't tried mosaic-ing (think I just made that verb up), then give it a go - it's very relaxing!

19 June 2013

new prints

I had a lovely day last week at the Arts Sunday event organised by the Guernsey Arts Commission. I met lots of lovely people who were all really enthusiastic about my work and I was able to show off some new print designs. The 'Ormer' design below was really popular.

22 May 2013

beach trip

Had a lovely beach trip yesterday with the smallest boy's class. We walked from school through the lanes picking up any rubbish we could find (which wasn't a lot I'm happy to say as Guernsey is pretty clean) and singing the womble song (although that was probably just me!)

The children had to create beach art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. The pebbles are so beautiful that I'm definitely going to have another go at my own pebble circle using the different colours.

and what about the colour of this lichen on the rock!

16 April 2013


At the weekend we faffed about (because it IS a bit of a faff) and made some sushi from a Yo! Sushi kit. Perfect activity for a rainy afternoon AND you get to eat it at the end!

12 April 2013

Yay! Moo

They're here! My new 'Guernsey scenes' cards from Moo, in all their silky gloriousness!

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