19 November 2010

Harbour Steps

Another illustration of St Peter Port looking towards the town from the harbour.

16 November 2010

christmas fayre

The finished poster for the school christmas fayre which hopefully will draw lots of attention and raise lots of money for school.

11 November 2010

birch tree inspiration

I took this picture on a recent trip to London as inspiration for a later date. I thought the silvery bark would lend itself well to a graphic pattern and judging by these other birch inspired products, I'm not alone in my thinking! In fact far from it - this was just the tip of the iceberg.

From top to bottom: Birch pattern fabric Hus and Hem, wedding invite by Tug Boat Printshop, wall mural by The Boys Depot, Bedding by Pottery Barn, magazine holder by babableu on Etsy, wallpaper by Designer Wallcoverings, cushion by ShaNickers on Etsy.

I can't choose a favourite, I love them all!

08 November 2010


Look what was growing in the garden! I thought someone had put a fake one there as a joke at first. What a perfect little specimen.

christmas fayre

An idea I'm working on for the school Christmas Fayre poster.

folksy christmas

This post is especially for my friend in England (you know who you are) who will be almost beside herself that Christmas is just around the corner and has probably been doing a countdown since June. If not before.

Yes friend, it is well and truly the season to light the fire, put your fluffy socks on and curl up with a hot chocolate and a mince pie. So this little round-up of all things festive is especially for you.

These are some of my favourite Folksy picks, although there were many more...

Top to bottom: Lace Heart hangers by Prince Design UK, Laptop Cover by TrinketKnits, Wooden Bunny hanger by Widget and Friends, Scandinavian and Vintage inspired decorations by Betsy Jarvis, Wooden decorations by Me and Ma

03 November 2010

tigerprint competition

Some of my entries for the latest Tigerprint competition. Had to work to their suggested colour palettes, although some entries seem to have gone pretty wide of this mark...
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